Hannah Pax

Individual Escort Encounters with Hannah


Hello my gentleman playmate,

I like men to be intelligent, sophisticated and charming with manners. I like him to place a high value on refinements of life. I like women and men who know what they want.

_DSC5780javI like men who stand by their shyness and their weaknesses. I like men who yearn for more, than listening to the feigned moans of a woman.

I am an open hearted, humorous and imaginatively gifted woman. Full-time, I work as a therapist and coach.I like to see simple things, simple flowers … the miracle in the little things.

I hope that you will know how to spoil me with your charm and diversity, as I will enchant you with my natural nature, desires and sensual charisma.

I am curious and adapt myself to many situations, if I sense that you give joy and happiness to my heart.

I like to meet open, positive people to broaden our horizons; give presents to each other with recognition and appreciation. I like to create an honest interest and intimate relationship between us.


With lustful and winking regards


Hannah Pax

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