Bizarre Lady

Your cultured perverse playmate

In addition to passionate and tender encounters as escort or hotel visits, I can also share like my ‘dark’ interests with you. I am neither the classical remote Domina, nor the totally submissive Slave. I position myself as an active-passive Bizarre Lady with a strong intuition. I am extremely inventive. I like depth and lightness.

There is nothing more complete than a hungry woman!

Firstly, I dreamed ashamedly of looking pictures and movies, reading stories … and sooner or later – I was curious and lucky – I tried each new adventure, efor the first time. I did this not so too long ago and grew from vanilla to BDSM. From the beginning, I felt at home, both active and passive and in between as well! So I am very much Switch. I really appreciate passion, curiosity and enthusiasm over any super cold professionalism?

I rely on my conscious sensibility and sensitivity. I am very happy for a beginner, as I know how it feels to be delivered. Since I work in the studio as a Domina, Slave or Switch, alongside my work as a coach and in the alternative medical field, I am able to empathise and connect with those who feel they may have physical or mental differences.

If you want to surprise your partner with a dominant-submissive game or with a gentle introduction to the world of BDSM, then privacy and intimate atmosphere in my company are guaranteed.

As an active playmate, I love erotic, subtle dominance. I adore your arousal and your pain; you tenderly whisper monstrosities in my ear; I will let you suffer for me and eventually I will use up my control to satisfy my sadistic lust.

_DSC6467_QUERAs a passive playmate I long that you control me, my insolence and break my pride. Tame me, kidnap me in your dirty and imaginative world and make of me a devoted and obedient servant.

In exchange games I return the passive favour to you for your “nasties” or serve as a dominant lady’s maid and assistant for your education.

Even those who do not want in the classic BDSM roles, but just fancy an exceptional “Kinky Girlfriend Experience” with much closeness and tenderness; this is an arousing play for me.

I like to play openly with intelligent men with sense of humour, spontaneity and naturalness, valuing of the refinements of life.

My passions (mostly with active and passive):

Tantra massages; erotic to painful, Verbal humiliation, figging, spanking, flagellation, English education, Bondage, research and doctoral games (no clinic!), Role Playing incl. Rape games, Shaving, Nipple torture, prostate massage and strap-on (active), Dildo games, tickle fetish, feminization, foot fetish, mixed wrestling.

DSC5659-neu-300x200_bearbeitetTaboos as Passive:

Brown showers, Extreme Nipple torture, Extreme pain, Wresting, Breath control, Electric.

For passive guests and bizarre erotic lovers also escort, outdoor sessions and hotel visits are possible. For active guests and Switch, I only receive exclusively in the studio. I am happy to oversee and long-term sessions or studio nights.

Do not hesitate to email me with extraordinary fantasies – I am very open and curious and look forward to turning them into reality!

I am looking forward to getting to know you!

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